Your dream yacht on your terms!

Lease a yacht in Greece for as long as you wish. A monthly payment with Zero Worries. We take care of everything for you!

The alternative to yacht ownership

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Your Yacht Comes with:

  • Exclusivity of its use for as many semesters as you wish.
  • The right to purchase it (at anytime) OR change it for another one (after one year).
  • Yacht insurance, registry and tax obligations covered
  • Full compliance to regulations and safety standards
  • Planned maintenance taken care of
  • A home berth (in Attica) that you may change once per year PLUS 200€ of marina utilities/month
  • Premium equipment onboard (check inventory on vessel pages)
  • Timely preparation of the vessel before each embarkation

With an extra cost you may also get:

  • Embarkation and Disembarkation from / to a Greek port other than your home port; no round trips required.
  • Mobile Internet access through a proper SIM / 5G box
  • Skipper services if needed

The Most Popular Brandnames are here

Why SeaCoyote

Buying in Cash
No upfront payment – No need
to bother with financing
Maintenance, repairs, insurance,
taxes included
Use the vessel year
round with no restrictions
Avoid tackling with bureaucratic
regulations personally
Νο luxury taxes
Purchase the vessel
at any time
Change the yacht
Return the vessel back with
no need to find a buyer
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Get your own dream yacht on your terms